Gabriel Vasile used real estate investing as a vehicle for creating an impressive net worth in just ten years. Gabriel is the active managing partner of RomGroup LLC, RomCraft Construction Co LLC, and RomRentals LLC. RomRentals holds millions of dollars worth of real estate. RomCraft Construction Co LLC, builds magnificent luxury homes in the Atlanta area and has completed three such homes in less than two years. RomGroup LLC is the managing and marketing company for his other companies. Gabriel along with his partners is in the process of acquiring,900 acres of land in Tennessee where they are harvesting and selling Tennessee field stone and hardwood timber.
Growing up in Romania, Gabriel departed his country after the fall of communism in 1991 through ingenuity, resourcefulness and sheer determination. He became a U.S. citizen and earned his high school equivalency in 2006.
Gabriel has a real gift for meeting people. He has used this extraordinary gift to attract amazing and diversified professionals and support personnel onto the team. When there is a need for any particular expertise local to the

Atlanta area, if Gabriel doesn't already know someone with that expertise, he can and will find them through his network.

Gabriel has creatively invested with partners to produce generous windfall profits for them by leveraging his partners' liquid assets and good credit standing. He has experience in numerous real estate disciplines and specializes in new construction, renovation and land development. He is a magnanimous individual and is always willing to share his breadth of knowledge and innate creativity with fellow investors and partners. He works tirelessly and has an astounding ability to arrive at the most profitable way to structure and fulfill any real estate project.
Gabriel holds a General Contractor's License from the state of Georgia.
Gabriel currently resides in Atlanta, GA. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, meeting new people and discussing creative investment ideas.